80th Birthday Celebration

One who is about to have an 80th birthday deserves to have a celebration. When you stop to think about all of the changes, advances, trials and tribulations they have lived through, it seems amazing that one could keep up with it all. They have gone from horse and buggy, to watching man land on the moon. The phones that they used when they were young were hung on a wall and their conversations could be heard over the party line. Now, they are able to hold a miniature computer in the palm of their hands and see a person via face time.  To make this special occasion enjoyable for that special person. Check out this website for tips and ideas for an 80th Birthday Celebration.

The wealth of family history is in their memories and it is important to listen to their stories. Several years ago I attended an 80th birthday party where the grandchildren put together a skit “This is Your Life” about the life and journey of the person being honored. It was memorable and fun. Start planning today to make your loved ones 80th Birthday Celebration a memorable one.

 80th Birthday Party Ideas

One of the best present to give someone who is turning 80 is an afternoon of family and friends gathering together to celebrate life on this milestone birthday. Spending time with their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, family, friends and neighbors is a gift that will be cherished by both the honoree and the guests. Invite the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, friends and neighbors.

There are a number of special 80th birthday party ideas to make this day special.The memories that will be made on this day will last for many years to come. Take plenty of pictures of this historic moment in your family.

Planning the Party

Are you planning to have an 80th birthday party for a friend or family member? Go the extra mile and make this a memorable event. With a little planning and creativity this party will be the best gift that you could give. Think about what the type of party the guest would like to have. Some people prefer small intimate parties and others enjoy a huge event.

Date and Time

Plan to have the party in the early afternoon. This is the time that most seniors are alert and feel at their best. Schedule the party to be several hours long to provide enough time to visit but not too long to make the guest exhausted. Weekends work best when most people have the day off to attend.


For seniors who live in a senior living complex check to see if there is a party room available. This allows their community friends to be able to attend. Inform the staff members of the senior facility that you are planning a party. If the person has caretakers, be sure they know the details of the time and place. Nothing is worse than having your guest of honor come unprepared. Parties can also be held at someone’s home or a local hall.

What to Serve

Plan to serve a light brunch or lunch. If the gathering is small – simple tea, coffee and desert would be plenty. For a larger crown – add a few variety of sandwiches and fruit. Keep the food simple but delicious.


There are a variety of 80th birthday party themes that you can use. Visit an antique mall and pick up some mementos from the past. Things like old toys, magazines, knickknacks and tools make great table decorations. Use vintage table clothes or runners to decorate.

 Create a Timeline

From birth to 80 so much has happened. Create a timeline of events using photos or words to celebrate 80 years of life.

 In Lieu of Gifts

Here are a few ideas for things that could be offered in lieu of gifts.

  • Have each guest bring a photo from the past that shows your guest of honor at an earlier age. Spread these out on a table.
  • Ask each attendee to write a short note about something they remember most about the guest of honor. These are always fun because one never knows what other people remember.

 Play Games

Games make a party interesting. Here are a few favorites.

  • Trivia through the years.
  • Charades
  • Bingo
  • Name that Oldie Tune
  • Scrabble
  • Cards

 Celebrate the Number 80

Decorate or give 80 items. How many things can you think for the number 80?

  • $80 Bills
  • 80 Pennies
  • 80 Hershey Kisses
  •  80 Unique Gifts
  • 80 pictures of people they know
  •  80 Sugar Free Candies
  •  80 Pennies, Dimes or Nickles
  •  80 Candles on the Birthday Cake
  •  80 Balloons to Decorate the Hall

 Hire a Photographer

Parties are a great time to take photos. It is an occasion when family & friends gather in one place. Hire a photographer to take a  family portrait. This will be a lasting memory for everyone.

Vintage 80th Birthday Party
Vintage 80th Birthday Party

 Present Ideas for an 80th Birthday

Many people enjoy receiving a gift on their birthday. It can be hard to choose something that will be enjoyed, used and cherished by the recipient. As you browse this website you will find many 80th birthday presents that are useful, creative, affordable and memorable.

One unique gift is a Birthday Greeting from Our President. Submit their name and information to the White House to receive a special birthday greeting signed by our president. This needs to be done several months ahead to receive it in time for their birthday

Here are a few other present ideas to get you started:

  • Large Print Books or Magazines
  • Cell Phone Designed for Seniors
  • Medical Alert System
  • Spring Cleaning of Home
  • Newspaper of the Day They Were Born
  • CD of Favorite Oldies
  • Stationary, Cards and Stamps
  • Magnifying Lens
  • Easy to Use Remote Controls
  • Photo Albums of Family Memories
  • Aging in Place Remodel
  • Family Cruise
  • Large Print Playing Cards
  • CD of Favorite Music
  • Basket of Daily Supplies
  • Gift Certificates for Beauty Shop
  • Take a Family Portrait
  • Fill Their Freezer with Home Cooked Meals
  • Plan a Family Reunion

There are resources available online to find a newspaper that was printed on the day they were born.

This site is dedicated to everyone who is turning 80 and their friends, family and neighbors. Their journey through the years has taken them from horse and buggy to landing on the moon.

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