80th Birthday Decorations

Are you planning a special event for someone turning 80? With a little imagination and a few props, you can make the day magical and memorable. Here are some awesome 80th birthday decorations to get you started.

Start with a Theme

Start your decorating project by choosing a theme. This will make it easier to coordinate your decorations and create an awesome party.

Choose a theme that relates to the guest of honor. Such as if the person has always loved gardening then incorporate gardening ideas into the room.

Here are a few fun themes for an 80th birthday party:

  • Fifties Sock Hop
  • Movies Throughout the Years
  • Family – Children – Grandchildren photos and stories.
  • Travel the World – Places the Guest Has Traveled
  • Hunting or Fishing Theme
  • Vintage Decorations found at Antique Shops
  • 80th Birthday Music Themes

Hang a Banner

Let’s start with something big.

Here are a few sayings you could use:

  • 80 Years Old and 29,220 Days Young.
  • Still Fabulous.
  • Dashingly Aged to Perfection
  • 80 Years Loved
  • 80 Years to Celebrate

DIY Banner

  1. Print the words HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY from your computer.
  2. Use one sheet of paper for each letter.
  3. Hang a rope, ribbon or yarn across a wall and use clothespins or paper clips to attach your letters.
  4. Note: If you fold the top of the paper about 1 inch down – it will hang better on your ribbon.

For those of you who are not crafty, or lack the time to make things purchase a ready made banner.

80 Balloons to Brighten the Room

For just a little bit of cost, you create a great effect of fun with blowing up 80 balloons. If blowing up 80 balloons seems like a daunting task to you then here are a few solutions.
You can purchase a portable electric balloon filler to make the job a breeze.
Another option is to use helium. Helium makes the balloons float and can be a little expensive to rent. A disposable helium filler can work but may be expensive. Be sure to check how many balloons they will fill before purchasing.

TIP: Local flower shops will often fill the balloons for you also.

Vintage Centerpieces

Table centerpieces are always fun when they create interest and conversation. Pick something that the guest of honor is interested in such as a hobby or collection.
Recently, I attended a party where each table had a different vintage license plate for a centerpiece. The theme for the event was vintage cars. Framed photos of the guest pictured in different cars were displayed on the table also.
Shop at an antique store or local flea market and gather things of interest from the past. Old magazines, toys or tools they will sure to make a great conversation piece.

Party Favors

For some extra fun create a Vintage Candy Bar. The vintage treats can be displayed on one table or spread across the room as table decorations. Here a few vintage candies to get you started:

Red Hots, Snaps, Candy Cigarettes, Buttons, Smith Brothers Licorice, Slo Poke, Butterscotch, Wrigley Gum, Almond Joy, Bubble Gum Cigars, Bun Candy Bars, Choward’s Spearmint Mings, Dots, Licorice Pipes and Smarties. These are all sure to make your mouth water and bring back many memories.

Big Screen Movies

Home movies are always fun. Put together the best of the best and make it short and sweet.

Gone with the Wind was a best seller in 1937 and a few years later the movie was made. It is a favorite and classic for the time. Play the movie during the party with the sound off. Most people have seen it several times and will enjoy glancing at it now and then.

Below is a fun video that everyone will enjoy.

Video: Seniors “Shake if Off” Taylor Swift

Posters for the Walls

Visit a local Antique Shop and pick up some vintage magazines and newspapers. See if you can find some from the past 8 decades.

Use the advertising photos from the magazines to decorate the room.

Old Fashioned Games

Decorate the room with old fashioned games. Groups of guests can play games the old-fashion way – not on a computer screen.

Some fun games from the past to display are:

  • Yahtzee
  • Scrabble
  • Parcheesi
  • Hands Down
  • Candy Land
  • The Game of Life

These are all fun games to play and renew the spirit of spending time with each other playing games together. Young and old can play many of these games.

Create a Memory Jar

Capture the memories of special moments remembered by your guests with this simple DIY project. Near the end of the party take a few minutes to read the notes to the guests.

This makes it easy to create a speech for the recipient without having to write it yourself.

  • Place a mason jar or vintage cookie jar on a table.
  • Place 3” x 5” notecards next to the jar along with some pens or pencils.
  • Place a sign on the table that says “Share Your Good Memories of (Insert Guest of Honor Name) here.

Celebrate 80 Yours Ago

Everyone loves reading about how much things cost or what was happening the year you were born. Create signs and posters of things that have happen the year the person was born.

DIY  – The Year That You Were Born

Here are some fun facts for 1937:

  • #1 song: It’s De-Lovely by Eddy Duchin & His Orchestra
  • #1 Movie – “Three Smart Girls”
  • #1 Novel – “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell
  • A gallon of gas cost 20 cents.
  • The price of gold was $35 oz.
  • The median home price was $2,907
  • A loaf of bread was 8 cents.

Birthday Chronicle “What Happened on the Day You Were Born” on Amazon.

Bit of Wisdom

A local interior designer told me once that it wasn’t how well the room was decorated that made it come alive, but the people who walked in the room brought everything together. Enjoy your party, enjoy the day and celebrate 80 years of life.

Share your 80th Birthday Party ideas and moments in the comments below.

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