80th Birthday Music Themes

Music brings life to special celebrations. While working in a senior center I noticed how music brought joy and lifted the spirits of the seniors. I would often see them tapping their toes or singing the words to the songs that they grew up with. Even though their memories were fading they still remembered the words and the tunes of the past. Below is a list of fun music for your 80th Birthday Party.

Video: The #1 Pop Song January 1937

“It’s De-Lovely by Eddy Duchin & His Orchestra”


Fast forward to 2017 to see how these seniors are still grooving and moving. Growing old but not slowing down. These octogenarians nail Taylor Swifts “Shake it Off.”

Video: These Octogenarians Nail Taylor Swifts “Shake it Off.”


Music brings life to a party. Someone in their 80’s has lived through many styles of music. Lawrence Welk & Ed Sullivan provided musical entertainment for many years. When they were in their twenties – rock ‘n roll was becoming popular.

Are you looking for some interesting music to play at an 80th Birthday Party? Below are some of my favorites.

Paul Anka sang “My Way” for Mikhail Gorbachev’s 80th Birthday. This song would make great background music to a slideshow of a person’s life. Everyone is an individual and each life is lived differently.


Another great favorite is “You Are My Sunshine.” This song has a special place in many hearts. It has been around since the 40’s and always makes me smile. Johnny Cash sings this awesome vintage song.


Lawrence Welk Show has been enjoyed for years. For many seniors it is still a popular show to watch on Saturday nights.


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