80th Birthday Poems

Today is your 80th Birthday,

Your hair has turned a little gray.

But we do not mind it a bit,

Because we know we caused it.

  Your shoes have walked many miles,

Your silly jokes have brought many smiles.

We loved the laughter that we heard,

Whenever there was a misspelled word.

 Your pace is not as fast,

You were always running in the past.

You tried to catch us when we fell,

You cared for us until we were well.

 Every time we took a dare,

You were always there with loving care.

You always caught us in your hand,

Gently gave us a reprimand.

 As you took care of the house,

And ironed our blouse.

We did are very best,

To mess up the nest.

 Then when we left home,

Around the world we roamed.

Your words were always in our heart,

“Finish what you start.”

 You gave to us all of those years,

Many gifts that are so dear.

A huge Thank You is overdue,

We Wish a Happy 80th Birthday to You!

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