80th Birthday Present Ideas

Turning 80 is a remarkable feat. Imagine all of the days, 29,220 to be exact, that a person experienced and the scrapbook of memories that were made. Plan to celebrate this special date with a unique gift that will add more bright memories to their list. Below are some special 80th Birthday present ideas to get you started.

Take a Day Trip

Visit a local antique shop to reminisce about the past and discover bits and pieces of what they experienced in their life. It is fun to hear the stories of what they remember and see things that they use to own.

Make this outing special by finding something that the person longed for as a child but could not afford. How fun it would be to purchase a toy that only the “rich” could afford years ago? One is never too old to receive something that they wanted as a child.

 Visit the Old Neighborhood

Take a trip down memory lane be visiting the neighborhood where they spent their childhood.

  • Is the old homestead still standing?
  • What has happed to the school that they attended?
  • Where did they play as a child?
  • Where did their best friend live?

Some of these things no longer exist but usually you can find street names, surnames and just the lay of the land that hasn’t changed. Make a small journal of notes as a keepsake with photos of places you visit.

You just might find a restaurant or grocery story still in business.

Trace Their Heritage

This can be a little more involved but a very rewarding adventure. Many people have always wished to travel back to their roots and discover their ancestor’s footsteps. Do you have a family tree that you could use as a map? Be sure take a lot of photos.

Write a Letter

This may seem like a simple gift but can turn into the most precious gift that they ever received. Telling them what a wonderful impact they have had on your life. Include your favorite memories.

  • Include things you remember the most.
  • Express your gratitude for all they have done.
  • Have you told your parent or friends how wonderful they are and what they mean to you?
  • Have you written them a Thank You note.
  • What have you learned from them?
  • Write 80 things that you like about the person. Make them short and sweet.

Stay Connected with Face-Time or Skype

Video calling  is a convenience that will be sure to put a smile on an 80-year-old’s face. Set up a Face-Time or Skype call with relatives or friends from around the country. Sometimes it has been years since people have seen each other. Many people grew up with phones that were on a party line and long distance calls were a rarity.

You may need a savvy tech person on the other end to help make this project work. Set up a time and schedule a few calls. It is even possible to have more than one person on the call. How fun it would be to get the old gang together for a “hangout.”

What a special treat it will be to share technology and bring people together.

Home Movies Brought to Life

In years pass, home movies were watched occasionally at holidays. That was because it took a lot of work to set up a projector, screen and hope that nothing would break. Today, we have the technology to turn those movies and scrapbook photos into DVD’s.

Create a DVD of family events from photos and movies. This is something they can watch again and again in the comfort of their home. It is also a great way to share with other members of the family a link to the past.

 Personalized Items

One of the great things about the internet is that you can find or have made almost anything you want. There is a huge variety of 80th Birthday Mugs, Hats and T-Shirts. You can have a special message imprinted in them or find an already created gem. One of my favorite sayings “It took 80 Years to Look this Good.” They make fun gifts that are perfect for the occasion.


80th Birthday MugsLook for mugs that have easy to grab handles and hats with visors.

Candy Treats filled with Memories

Fill a gift basket with candy treats from the past. Some of the candy that has been around for a long time are candy buttons on paper tape, pop rocks, Zagnut candy bars, Chuckles, Salt Water Taffy, Dots, Candy Cigarettes, Sugar Daddy, Bubble Gum Cigars, Lemon Drops and Barnum’s Animal Crackers.

Just check if they can eat these things before purchasing.

80 of This and That

Get your thinking hats on. How many items can you think of to give in groups of 80?

  • 80 Golden Dollars for 80 Golden Years
  • 80 Pennies for Good Luck
  • 80 Hersey Kisses
  • 80 Balloons to fill the room.
  • 80 Postage Stamps

Celebrate with a Party

What could be more fun than bringing the whole family together and spending time with each other. It makes a perfect time to bring the whole gang together. Check out these awesome ideas of an 80th Birthday Celebration.

Create a Vintage Party

What are they person of honor favorite memories? Special foods, clothes or some old fashion jitterbugging. What could be more fun than an old fashion sock hop.

Vintage table clothes and decorations can be found at antique shops. Mason jars for floral arrangements or drinking glasses.

This is Your Life Skit

Create a skit using members of the guest list to do short narrations or acting out skits. Start when the person was young and go through the different stages of their life.

Fulfilling Their Wishes

Plan to make this a special day in the life of someone you love.

Take a peek at their bucket list and see if there is anything that you can check off.

A day filled with pleasant surprises and memories to last forever.

Spending time with someone is the most precious gift that you can give.

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