Happy 80th Birthday


I have a passion and mission to help create the best life for seniors. This site provides you with ideas for planning an 80th birthday party, party themes, menus, presents, gifts and cards. I work with seniors and understand some of their needs and wants. Often they are not aware of some of the products available today that would make their lives easier. Some have embraced technology while others are still using ways of the past.

Turning 80 is a milestone in one’s life and it should be celebrated with family and friends. This event is not only meaningful to the guest of honor it is also meaningful to everyone who attends.

During the birthday celebration the memories of a lifetime are discussed, funny stories are shared and for a brief moment in time 80 years of life is center stage. It is a joyous day for everyone involved. Everyone who lives to be 80 deserves a special day of celebration.

On my mother’s 80th birthday she received a birthday greeting from President George and Laura Bush. Something she really cherished. We also planned a day of visiting with family and friends, bringing all the grandchildren and children together to share in this special occasion.

I hope to help you create a memorable event for those you love who are turning 80. Many of the ideas on this site have come from family members and friends who have created a birthday party for their parents.

I have been creating websites for the last ten years and enjoy bringing information and creative ideas to the net. Improving the lives of seniors has always been one of my passions. There are so many wonderful things that we can do to thank our parents and friends for what they have given us.

Please drop me a note about how you celebrated your 80th birthday.

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+ Sharon Meier

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