Polish Star Christmas Ornament

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Polish Star Christmas Ornament

A Polish Star Ornament is a traditional Polish craft decoration that you can easily make to adorn your Holiday Tree or add sparkle to your presents any time of the year. Sometimes they are called Polish Porcupines. Polish Stars make excellent gifts to give for birthdays or Christmas. Each star is unique made from wrapping paper or craft paper. This traditional craft is fun and easy to learn. With a little bit of practice these stars can be made in about one hour.

Materials Needed:

    • Wrapping Paper – Variety of Colors
    • Craft Paper
    • 2 Sequins or Small Buttons
    • Strong Thread or Dental Floss
    • Clear Glue Stick (Pen)
    • Sharpened Pencil
    • Pencil Sharpener
    • Scissors
    • Compass Or a DVD for a Template
    • One Nickel
    • Optional: Hair Spray and Glitter

Step One

Cut twelve 4″ diameter circles out of the wrapping paper or craft paper. Use a CD for a template or make your own template out of cardboard by drawing a 4” circle with a compass.


Step Two

Draw a small circle in the center of your 4” circle using a nickle as a template.


Step Three

Divide the circle into 8 equal segments. This can be done by folding your circle in half, and then in half again, and in half again. Crease your edges to use as a guide for cutting your slits. Cut a slit from the outer edge of the 4″ circle to the outer edge of your nickel size circle.


Step Four

Roll each segment around a sharpened pencil to form a conical spike.The points should be closed and appear to be sharp. Fasten with clear glue; a glue pen works best for this. After the glue has set in a few seconds remove your pencil.


Step Five

Thread a needle with a strong thread that is about 18″ long. The thread should be doubled with a knot at the end.

Place a sequin above the knot, run the needle through the center of each of the 12 discs and then slip the second sequin over the needle. Compress the 12 discs and cut the thread about 6″ above the discs. Tie a single shoe lace knot, and pull tightly to compress discs, then tie another knot to firmly hold discs compressed. Tie a knot at the top of the two threads to form a loop. Substitute a small button for the sequin if you do not have any sequins.





Optional Decorations
Decorate your finished Polish Star Ornament with glitter by spraying it with hair spray and then sprinkling on some glitter. When using thicker paper make your star with 10 discs. Use a few discs made out of shiny foil paper to add sparkle to your Polish Stars.

These handmade Polish Stars are a tradition that can be handed down to future generations. A tree filled with handmade Christmas stars will be a memorable one.

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